Early AcZess!!

Early AcZess is a Zamily membership benefit affording access to show entry prior to the general public. No more standing in line for hours before doors open, no racing, and no anxiety! To receive Early AcZess updates, submit your contact information for the shows of interest using the drop-down menu below. Gain entry at Early AcZess by presenting current Zamily membership credentials (Zamily pin or a fan club confirmation receipt).

EARLY ACZESS UPDATE: Early AcZess is now reserved only for Zamily members holding PIT/GA or LAWN tickets. Zamily members with tickets for RESERVED SEATS should enter the venue at public door time, a few short minutes after the Early AcZess line. This separation offers those in the pit and on the lawn the opportunity to claim their spots before venue doors open to the public.

EARLY ACZESS GUEST POLICY: We encourage Zamily members to share the ZBB love and invite guests to participate in Early AcZess. However, we ask that Early AcZess guests be limited to three each. This policy will enable all those who have show tickets as a result of Zamily pre-sales to gain entry at Early AcZess, as members are entitled to purchase up to four pre-sale tickets.

Members who purchased show tickets via the Zamily pre-sale are already tagged to receive Early AcZess email updates, though those who purchased tickets outside the Zamily pre-sale should submit their contact information for the show(s) of interest.

Early AcZess 2019